How do I know if my diffuser is still working or if there is still perfume?

When the diffuser is running, it generates a slight mist at its output.
To see it, just look at this output on a black background (or place a black paper behind the stream) to check if the mist is present.
If the mist is present and you no longer smell the perfume it is because you have probably become accustomed to it.
If there is no mist when the program is running, either the refill cartridge is empty or the diffuser needs to be replaced.
In any case contact us to help you at best.

Is it possible to smell the perfumes?

After your online quote request, we offer you a selection of scents adapted to your activity. We will arrange an appointment to make you feel the different fragrances.

Would you like to discover another range?
We will be able to discuss it and offer you a range adapted to your desires.

Are the proposed perfumes harmful to health?

All our compositions comply with European IFRA standards. This is the guarantee for all of the non-toxicity of the products used. KarmArøm attaches great importance to animal and human welfare.

How long does a perfume refill last?

The perfume diffuser time is very variable. It depends on the programming, the opening days, the volume of the room, the power of the desired perfume, etc.
To give you an idea, the recharge for the diffuser « M – Zen Pro », is about 3 months.*

*Data for informational, non-contractual purposes.

What is the ordering process?

KarmArøm takes care of everything to simplify your life. After your request for a quote, our first appointment to evaluate the places and choose your fragrance; we take care of the installation of the diffuser, programming, maintenance, changes to perfume refills, etc. Our goal is to simplify your daily life as a business leader.

How to customize the perfume diffuser?

Although in general diffusers are intended to be hidden to provide an optimal olfactory experience, there are situations where this is not possible. We can customize some of our diffusers. When ordering, we can offer you a graphic according to your criteria. Our graphic designer will collaborate with you to propose an original Design or according to your brand and values.