Olfactory marketing

Humans have 5 senses, of which sight, hearing and smell are the most used. Surprisingly, the most powerful being that of smell, because it is directly linked to the lymphatic system which imprints memories and emotions deep in the brain. Olfactory marketing is therefore a powerful way to unconsciously influence humans on their feelings, pleasure, memories, well-being and therefore to promote, for example, impulse purchases.

Neuroscience studies have been able to understand consumer behavior when faced with an olfactory stimulus.

An unpleasant smell of sewage, for example, can unconsciously push the consumer’s behavior towards the exit and never make him return to these places, because it will be engraved forever in his brain.

On the other hand, a pleasant smell will tend to hold him back, or even make him react according to predefined scenarios without him noticing it.

Don’t we all have memories of places with pleasant smells of coffee, baked breads, lavender, popcorn or fresh lemon?

The Abercrombie brand has understood this method well by diffusing its own perfume. You can tell on the street that an outlet is near, just by its distinctive scent diffused outside.

Scent marketing is definitely the most powerful tool to influence people.

Pourquoi avoir un diffuseur de parfum?

  • Live a personalized olfactory experience
  • Attract the heat Boost sales by 40%*
  • Change mood by season and/or by room
  • Hide bad odors (perspiration, sewage lifts, humidity, cooking, etc.)
  • Take the client on a journey and bring back memories

* A team of researchers from the University of Hasselt has demonstrated that diffusing specific fragrances in establishments can influence visitor behavior. (source Researchportal.be)