We offer more than 40 different fragrances, if you do not find what suits you in the list below, contact us to find what you need.

The Gourmets
Coffee, hot chocolate, popcorn, orange, tomato leaf, biscuit, marshmallow…

The fresh
Fresh lemon, cut grass, clean linen, cardamom, eucalyptus,…

The dreamers
Provence Lavender, India Jasmine, Landes Pines, Lebanon cedar,…

The luxurious
Garden fig, amber, patchouli, Chesterfield leather, vetiver, benzoin, incense,…

We test together your favorite perfume in your home, if it does not suit you after 2 weeks, we replace it with another that you will choose from our range, and this, at no cost!

Let’s meet to make you discover our complete range according to your sensitivities and criteria.

*All our perfumes are expertly dosed for our diffusers.
All our compositions comply with IFRA standards.
This is the guarantee for all of the non-toxicity of the products used.